The Rectorseal Corporation Acquires OEM Products Inc.

The Rectorseal Corp., a Houston-based manufacturer of specialty chemical products and tools for the HVACR industry, has acquired the assets of OEM Products Inc., Gardnerville, NV, manufacturer of the widely used, patented Kickstart® hard-start device for A/C compressors.

Hard-start devices extend the life of compressors by bringing them up to full speed quickly and efficiently. They also assist compressors in starting under adverse ambient conditions such as low voltage or high head pressures.

Kickstart is the only two-wire, preassembled hard-start device that uses a mechanical potential relay in its patented design. No circuit boards, timers or PTCR devices are used. This unique design has earned product approval from leading compressor and equipment manufacturers. By helping a compressor start up to ten times faster than normal, Kickstart hard-start devices significantly reduce the amount of damaging heat generated in motor windings with each start. Over time, this reduces stress on insulation, wiring and other critical components of the compressor, and has the effect of increasing its reliability and extending its useful life. In addition, Kickstart devices accomplish this by boosting the electrical efficiency of the compressor during startup from less than 50 percent to over 98 percent, enabling all of the available power to reach the compressor for smooth, fast starts.

Visit www.rectorseal.com for additional information.

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