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The Rectorseal Corporation Introduces Two New Safe-T-Switch® A/C Overflow Shut-Off Switches

The Rectorseal Corporation, a Houston-based manufacturer of specialty chemical products and tools for the HVAC industry, has expanded its line of patented

Safe-T-Switch® condensate overflow control switches with two new models, SS4 and SS3CT, designed to meet changes in A/C equipment being installed today. Both new switches include the reliable, long-lasting Magnetic Reed Switch that has made Safe-T-Switch® one of the best condensate control switches on the market and both are Code Compliant – Tested to UL-508.

As with all Safe-T-Switches®, the new models are designed for easy installation in new or retrofit situations to protect home and commercial building owners from costly damage due to condensate overflow. They also offer A/C specialists an easy way to insure customer satisfaction and reduce potential liability.

The new SS4 switch is designed to fit plastic, slant-side and lipped-edge drain pans, but can be used on most plastic and metal pans. It features an adjustable mounting bracket that fits pans with slanted sides and curved edges and it locks securely in place with a thumb-screw adjustment.

The SS3CT switch is a “normally open” condensate control switch specifically designed for use with today’s communicating thermostats. It features a slim-profile design that fits most primary and secondary drain pans, it connects to accessory wires, and it has a “snap-and-go” mounting bracket for easy installation.

These new switches and all other Safe-T-Switch® models are now available through Rectorseal’s nationwide distribution network. For more information visit the company on the web at

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