The Refrigeration Council Report

What two or three issues did the Refrigeration Council identify as currently being the most pressing for HARDI distributors/the industry?

  • Communication and leadership regarding the issues affecting our industry with the accelerated phaseout of R-22 as a result of recent Montreal conferences.
  • Preparation for this transition in refrigerants, including:

    • Improved reclamation/recovery programs;
    • Reduction in leaks, accounts for approximately 15 percent of issue; and
    • Retrofit opportunities.
  • Provide the EPA with specific feedback on their estimates and studies for the future market.
  • New standards on commercial refrigeration equipment initiated in large part by California coding proposals.

What actions has your Council decided to take regarding these issues?

  • Place presentations (i.e., EPA [Julius Banks] and Verisae [Ted Gartland], etc.) on HARDI website for members to view, download and share.
  • Review EPA studies and provide specific feedback and HARDI position on studies.
  • Remain highly active and engaged in the industry discussions regarding Refrigerant Management USA.

What is the outcome your Council is seeking regarding these issues?

  • Improved awareness, better preparedness by distributors, voice to be heard if changes need to be made.
  • Development and implementation of regulatory and voluntary programs that will encourage the desired outcomes of equipment adoption, proper installation and maintenance, and environmental protection.
  • EPA assistance with increasing residential and commercial awareness of refrigerant phaseout and environmental implications.

What are the most important things you would urge distributors who were not at your meeting to do to address these issues?

  • Understand the regulatory issues and their effect on you.
  • Develop a plan to comply with and capitalize on changes.
  • Work closely with suppliers to stay ahead of the transition in refrigerants.

When will your Council next meet either in person or by phone to discuss any of these issues?

  • We meet at the next HARDI business conference being held in Washington, DC, April 30-May 3, 2008.
  • Provide information on HARDI's website.
  • Conference calls with specific members when feedback needs to be provided.
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