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RemTec International Announces the Addition of Patti Ellingson as Director of Wholesale Distribution

HARDI member RemTec International, Bowling Green, Ohio, recently launched its Refrigerant Buy Back and Recovery Program that focuses on creating partnerships with HARDI wholesale /distributor members. RemTec’s program recovers used HCFC-22 (R-22) and other refrigerants from HARDI members’ contractor customers. These refrigerants are then reclaimed to the ARI-700 Standard and made available to those wholesale/distributors participating in the Refrigerant Buy Back and Recovery Program.

The Refrigerant Buy Back and Recovery Program will be lead by Patti Ellingson, Director of Wholesale Distribution. Patti is a key member in this endeavor and joins the RemTec team with 18 years of sales and marketing experience, along with her keen understanding of the wholesale industry and its challenges.

As most wholesale/distributors realize, the phase-down schedule for production and use of HCFC-22 (R-22), an ozone depleting substance (ODS), will accelerate and is expected to result in severe reductions in the available supply of this refrigerant by 2010 and beyond. The U.S. EPA is projecting that these anticipated supply shortages must be filled with reclaimed products to meet the future service demands of the industry.

RemTec International is a U.S. EPA certified reclaimer that is uniquely equipped to accept used refrigerants because of its proprietary and patented reclamation equipment and over 20 years experience. In support of RemTec’s Refrigerant Buy Back and Recovery Program, we recently added a new fifty-foot distillation column specifically designed to process R-22 and other cross-contaminated refrigerants to ARI-700 specifications. RemTec’s proprietary fractional distillation process is more efficient when compared to other existing technologies. RemTec also operates the only in-house plasma arc halocarbon destruction facility in North America that destroys ODS mixed refrigerants that are too contaminated to be reclaimed.

Providing environmental services since 1986, RemTec International’s experience, along with a strong Quality Control Program, assures its customers that they receive the best services and products available. Our in-house AHRI certified laboratory conducts test sampling throughout the reclamation process and certifies all finished products offered for sale meet or exceed the ARI-700 Standard.

RemTec’s mission is to work with HARDI members to provide “hassle free” recovery and reclamation services for them and their customers. Our Refrigerant Buy Back and Recovery Program will help reduce future shortages of R-22 and other refrigerants and mitigate the environmental impact that halocarbons (Halons, CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs) have on our atmosphere. During this transition period, RemTec International’s Patti Ellingson will be partnering with wholesale/distributors, by specifically designing refrigerant recovery programs that match their individual requirements, which in turn provide added benefits for their customers. “I am excited about the opportunities available with the establishment of this new division at RemTec. My goal is to increase consumer awareness of the immediate changes in the industry and promote environmental conservation through RemTec’s comprehensive Refrigerant Buy Back and Recovery Program,” said Patti Ellingson.

For questions about RemTec International or the new wholesale/distributor Refrigerant Buy Back and Recovery Program, please contact Patti Ellingson at [email protected], or visit our RemTec International website at

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