Ritchie Engineering Introduces New Refrigerant Recovery Machine

BLOOMINGTON, MN — Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., has recently begun shipping the first in its new line of Yellow Jacket RecoverXLT refrigerant recovery machines.

The RecoverXLT provides fast recovery of Class II, III, IV and V refrigerants including R-410A. It features a patented single-valve control for easy changeover from liquid to vapor to purge, easing the job for the A/C technician and freeing up valuable time.

The compressor is backed by a three-year warranty, but to protect the life of the compressor and the RecoverXLT even further, the machine is designed with a constant pressure regulator valve which regulates refrigerant input to keep the machine running at optimal levels in all conditions.

For more information, visit www.yellowjacket.com.

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