RSES Offers Members ACCA QM & QR Standards

RSES has partnered with Air Conditioning Contractors of America to offer American National Standards Institute-recognized quality standards to its members. The two standards include ANSI/ACCA 4 QM — 2007 (maintenance of residential HVAC systems) and ANSI/ACCA 6 HVAC system cleanliness — 2007 (restoring the cleanliness of HVAC systems).

RSES continues to perform a key part of its mission to advance the professionalism and proficiency of our industry through alliances with other HVACR associations. RSES has partnered with ACCA in an effort to improve the skills of those selecting and installing HVAC equipment to make certain quality installations are being performed. This ongoing partnership with ACCA provides RSES members with yet more value for their annual dues, while contributing toward the broader distribution of established HVAC system quality standards.

RSES Executive Vice President Mark Lowry said, “Providing these two standards continues the process begun last year to keep our members abreast of industry developments, especially as the standards are increasingly referenced within regulations and legislation. We are committed to helping RSES members lead the industry in installation, maintenance and restoration of systems.”

According to ACCA, the Maintenance of Residential HVAC Systems details necessary inspection and maintenance for residential HVAC systems. The standard includes a series of checklists for varied types of residential HVAC systems, that specify minimum tasks to be performed and recommend corrective actions if deficiencies are found. Contractors may use this standard to demonstrate minimum maintenance requirements and the need to perform certain servicing tasks. The checklists also allow contractors to highlight added services offered in maintenance and service contracts.

The Restoring Cleanliness of HVAC Systems establishes the minimum criteria for cleaning HVAC systems, triggered as a matter of routine maintenance or following some contamination event. The standard provides guidelines for determining whether cleaning is warranted and economically viable, along with a protocol for cleaning each relevant component or subsystem as well as verification procedures. In addition, a helpful appendix outlining routine maintenance, inspection and cleaning procedures is included.

Visit www.rses.org for additional information.

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