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The DVMS by Samsung enjoys a 40 reduction in footprint while slimming down 30 in gross weight
<p><span style="font-size: 12.8000001907349px; line-height: 20px;">The DVMS by Samsung enjoys a 40% reduction in footprint while slimming down 30% in gross weight.</span></p>

Samsung Makes a Good Impression at AHR Expo

Samsung featured their commercial VRF product &mdash; the DVMS &mdash; at the 2015 AHR Expo. The DVMS is currently the world&rsquo;s highest capacity single module outdoor unit on the market, at 16-tons. This exceeds competing products by 14% to 25%.

Samsung DVMS: Each compressor of the DDI system operates in unison with the other, which improves overall system durability.
reports it is entering the North American HVAC market in 2015 with leading-edge product offerings in the commercial and residential ductless air conditioning markets.

For the 2015 AHR Expo recently concluded in Chicago, IL, the Samsung team impressed contractor attendees with their commercial VRF product — the DVMS. 

Samsung sources say the DVMS is currently the world’s highest capacity single module outdoor unit on the market, at 16-tons, which they add exceeds the competition by 14 to 25%.

The DVMS enjoys a 40% reduction in footprint while slimming down 30% in gross weight. The end-user will benefit with a space saving unit that will result in lower installed costs and greater energy savings. The DVMS system also has a wide heat ambient temperature operating range, going down all the way to -14F. A few members of the DVMS family, the DVMS Water and ECO systems, were on display at Samsung’s AHR Expo booth.

Samsung DVMS-ECO offers Heating and cooling capacity calibration to increase or decrease capacity outside of rated capacity done at outdoor unit or at controls.

In addition to the DVMS VRF system, Samsung showcased the Pearl and Whisper (A3050 Good & Better) mini split systems — both with the new Triangle Ultimate Design. These systems recently won the Innovation Award at the recently completed 2015 CES Expo. These new mini splits are extremely efficient and equipped with the latest technology, for a better overall cooling and heating experience. 

Home Comfort Solutions
Samsung also used the AHR Expo platform to unveil the IoT (Internet of Things)-based “Smart Home Solutions” technology. This industry-first feature is a Smart Home Bundled-solution that includes HVAC, controls and home appliances.

Samsung Pearl and Whisper units provide two-step cooling.

This burst of innovative products and services has been made possible in part by Samsung's recent acquisition of Quietside, a leading HVAC master distributor with a distribution network exceeding 500 locations. With the combination of Samsung’s leadership and Quietside’s knowledge of the North American HVAC industry, Samsung sources say HVAC contractors can expect more in the near future from Samsung-HVAC, as they start to transform the HVAC industry, as they've done for other industries.

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