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New Malco “Try Me“ Packaging

Malco Products is refreshing its brands with new logos, updated slogans and all-new packaging styles! Malco represents the broadest offering of specialty tools for the HVAC and Roofing, Siding and Gutter trades. Malco showcases its complete line at www.malcotools.com. For more information, contact Malco Products at 800/328-3530 or [email protected]. — Malco
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Universal Air Regulator

  • Universal — one regulator for 3/8" and 1/2"; round or square rods.

  • Clamp on handle for snug and rattle free fit to bearing or rod.

  • Unique “quick set up” handle allows shift from 1/2" to 3/8" without disassembling the regulator.

  • High visibility handle; shows damper direction.

  • Heavy gauge, zinc plated steel.

  • Optional Seal Kit — available for low leakage applications.

  • Available in Stainless Steel-quotation upon request.

Visit www.durodyne.com for more information. — Duro Dyne
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HVAC Marketing is not easy. How does a contractor begin to create a complete “system” of high performance ads and the method to implement them?

That's why Hudson, Ink created the HVAC Marketing PowerPack Version 2. It's filled with dozens of proven tools and ads to help your contractors get more leads, close more sales, and retain customers — and it's easy! These are for the contractor who wants marketing performance now — without scrounging around for what “might work” and when to use it. For more information contact: 40 Monroe Street, Montgomery AL, 36104, 800/489-9099, fax 334/262-1115, — www.hudsonink.com
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Turn your inventory management system or spreadsheet data into an interactive, digital catalog. Catalog Builder's simple point-and-click interface and built-in formatting templates make it a fast and painless process with no costly manual graphic design or programming. For more information, contact Bob Stach at Computer Pundits Corporation 888/786-3487, extension 313, or visit www.computerpundits.comHARDI
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