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Gentec's new HVAC/Plumbing Compact Torch gets you into tight spaces and is able to do more precise work than any other torch on the market! The Compact Torch's small size, chrome-plated brass torch handle with stainless steel internal tubing and copper tips provides you with the durability you need in the field. The 12-foot flexible hose is very maneuverable and has “B” fittings for medium duty regulator connections and “A” fitting adaptors for light duty regulators. Different tips, including a new multi-flame rosebud and twin tip, allow the use of oxy-acetylene or oxy-fuel (propane) gas. 2-Year Warranty. — Gentic
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Looking for a Business Solution?

SageQuest invites you to join companies across the country that are taking advantage of increased revenue, decreased expenditures, improved productivity and enhanced driver safety. SageQuest is GPS business vehicle tracking, routing and reporting capabilities. Take a closer look by visiting www.sage-quest.com or call us 888/837-7243 x243.
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Envirofab- The First “Green” Connector Fabric

Duro Dyne is proud to announce the first, “Green”, connector fabric for flexible duct connector. This fabric, called Envirofab, is manufactured by re-processing discarded or re-claimed materials. This helps to preserve natural resources; thus making Envirofab “Green”. By using recycled material, Envirofab will qualify to be used in “Green” building projects. — Duro Dyne
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Embrace the Future — Make the Switch to Pink

R-410A refrigerant was invented by Honeywell as the long-term global solution to replace ozone-depleting refrigerants in residential and light-commercial unitary air conditioners. Millions of R-410A air conditioners have been sold around the world, and over 25 equipment manufacturers now offer a Honeywell Genetron AZ-20® R-410A option in their product line. — Honeywell
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Turn your inventory management system or spreadsheet data into an interactive, digital catalog. Catalog Builder's simple point-and-click interface and built-in formatting templates make it a fast and painless process with no costly manual graphic design or programming. For more information, contact Bob Stach at Computer Pundits Corporation 888/786-3487, extension 313, or visit www.computerpundits.comHARDI
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