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Gentec's new HVAC/ Plumbing Compact Torch's small size, chrome-plated brass torch handle with stainless steel internal tubing and copper tips provide you with the ability to do precise work with the durability you need in the field. Different tips including a new multiflame rosebud and twin tip allow for the use of oxy-acetylene or oxy-fuel (propane) gas. (2-Year Warranty) — Gentec
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Embrace the Future — Make the Switch to Pink

R-410A refrigerant was invented by Honeywell as the long-term global solution to replace ozone-depleting refrigerants in residential and light-commercial unitary air conditioners. Millions of R-410A air conditioners have been sold around the world, and over 25 equipment manufacturers now offer a Honeywell Genetron AZ-20® R-410A option in their product line. — Honeywell
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Perforated Galvanized Strap from Duro Dyne

This 24 Ga. strap is coiled and Perforated with alternating hole sizes to accommodate sheet metal screws as well as nut and bolt combinations. The strap has an hourglass shape, dispenses from a box easily, and can be used is a wide array of applications in both HVAC and Plumbing industries.

Visit www.durodyne.com for more information. — Duro Dyne
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Let Intuit Eclipse Help Grow Your Business

Intuit Eclipse offers fully integrated distribution management software solutions for dealing with contractors and homeowners — including showroom tracking and contractor allowances, along with support for volume rebates, consigned inventory and bonded warehouse management — all designed to help you improve operations, enhance customer service and lower costs.

Visit www.eclipse.intuit.com/hvacr/smart or call 800-932-5477. — Intuit Eclipse
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