Smart Products and Literature

Smart Products and Literature

A Fully Enclosed Hot Water Unit Heater With No External Moving Parts!

The people that brought you the popular Hot Dawg gas fired unit heater and invented the hot water unit heater have done it again. Introducing the Hot Dawg H2O. The first of its kind in North America, the Hot Dawg H2O is a low profile hot water unit heater with no external moving parts. Available in two sizes, it's small enough for residential spaces and large enough for commercial demands. Visit www.modinehvac.com/hotdawg, e-mail [email protected] or call 800/828-HEAT.
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Fast Delivery on Adjustable Uninsulated Equipment Bases!

Need an adjustable pitched uninsulated equipment base for your rooftop? Thybar will fabricate a base within two weeks that's cost-effective…and top quality! Each Thybar base adjusts from 1/8" to 1" pitch in all directions. Manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized steel and includes: duct cross channels, insulated pans, all hardware and gasketing, and wood nailer attached for roofing materials. Bases are shipped to the site in one piece if trucking permits. Thybar Corporation, 913 S. Kay Ave., Addison, IL 60101; 800/666-CURB; Fax: 630/543-5309; E-mail: [email protected]; www.thybar.com
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Air Intake Filter Captures Debris Before It Enters the System

PreVent® wraparound equipment protection filter reduces maintenance, downtime and energy consumption by trapping debris before it enters the air intake fins and coils. Dirty/clogged air intakes restrict air flow causing equipment to run for longer cycles at reduced capacity and higher temperatures. Filter has very low resistance to air flow. Easily installed with included bungee cords. A profitable add-on sale. Easily cleans with a broom, allowing contractor more sales calls per day. Custom commercial sizes also available. Visit www.permatron.com, e-mail [email protected] or call 800/882-8012. —Permatron Corporation
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YELLOW JACKET® Handheld Digital Vacuum Gauge

Easy-to-use gauge shows that air and moisture have been removed from the system. Simple push of a button changes the display readout between 7 units of measurement. Each displays down to the equivalent of 10 microns of vacuum to let you know that your vacuum pump is clean and performing properly. If the sensor gets dirty, simply plug a new sensor into the gauge, run through a quick calibration process and be back on the job within minutes. YELLOW JACKET® Products Division of Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., www.yellowjacket.com/disb or 800/769-8370.
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