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Smart Products and Literature

Smart Products and Literature

Introducing the New Commercial Packaged Ventilation System with Optional Energy Recovery from Modine

This new 15-30 ton system is designed for ease of installation, energy efficiency and durability. Whether you are in the humidity-soaked Southeastern U.S., the dryer, milder air of the West, or the four-season-friendly upper Midwest and Northeast, this system can be customized to meet your ventilation requirements. And by including our advanced ERV option, your system becomes a high efficiency, 100% dedicated outside air unit, potentially saving you thousands in annual energy costs. Visit to learn more, or call 800/828-HEAT.
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Prevent® Air Intake Filter Captures Debris Before It Enters HVAC System

Custom sized filter screen reduces maintenance, downtime and energy consumption by trapping debris before it enters the air intake fins and coils. Dirty/clogged air intakes restrict air flow causing equipment to run for longer cycles at reduced capacity and higher temperatures. Filter has very low resistance to air flow and cleans easily with a broom, allowing for more service calls per day. Easy to install and profitable add-on sale. Visit; Contact us: 800/882-8012 or [email protected] — Permatron Corporation
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Compressors! Now at Neuco…

You can't get thru this season without compressors! Neuco stocks air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. Many types, sizes and brands. From OEM to aftermarket compressors. Just ask the Neuco Sales Team for help. They'll be glad to assist you! Call 800/323-7394.
Neuco, Inc., Master Distributor of HVACR Controls
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Get Your Degree in “Cool” at YJU.

Introducing YELLOW JACKET University, a site focused on delivering more product training and information. It features how-to and training videos, articles, common Q&As and an ideas center where you can weigh in on everything from new product ideas and enhancements to website and customer service experiences.
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