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Smart Products and Literature

Smart Products and Literature

Twice the Inventory — One Great Offer

We have DOUBLED our Johnson Controls inventory. We're so confident in our Johnson Controls inventory levels that we will give you an extra 5% off our already low wholesale prices on any back ordered Johnson Controls parts. Valid on any Johnson Controls parts backordered thru April 31, 2011.

Visit for more information or call us at 800/852-4328.
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Lau Parts Division Announces Release of Air Curtains

Lau Parts Division, the technology leader in air moving since 1928, announced the newest addition to its core product line. The Lau Series LAD (without electric heat) and LHAD (with electric heat) Air Curtains provide a powerful, uniform stream of air by sealing openings against environmental elements and contaminants. Lau Air Curtains save energy and lower building costs by reducing heat loss or gain through open doors or windows while enabling traffic to flow unobstructed. They also improve energy efficiency by reducing the load on the building's HVAC system while maintaining a comfortable air temperature indoors. For information contact [email protected] or 937/253-2000.
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OEM Replacement Parts at Neuco!

Neuco now offers replacement parts for over 19 OEM lines. They specialize in determining the exact part you require, so don't hesitate to ask the Neuco Sales Team for guidance. An OEM list is also available at

For assistance, call 800/323-7394 and ask for the Sales Team.

Neuco, Inc., Master Distributor of HVACR Controls
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New Heat Pump Manifold from YELLOW JACKET®

3-1/8" high- and low-side gauges with 1% accuracy are designed to handle heat pump pressures and transitions in heating or cooling mode. Both low and high side black steel case gauges handle up to 800 psi. Temperature scales cover the most popular heat pump refrigerants (R-22, R-410A and R-407C). Available with 60" hoses (42044), without hoses (42041) and with hoses in a fitted backpack (42040). YELLOW JACKET® Products Division of Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc., or 800/769-8370.
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