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Neuco, Inc., Master Distributor of HVACR Controls www.neucoinc.com.
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Distributors, help contractors find the finest HVACR talent in the industry. Save time and money. For the lowest cost jobs posting in the industry and free resume browsing, visit www.HVACR-JOBS.COM or call 855/248-6557.
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Knapheide releases the SpitzLift SAT550 crane and aluminum mechanics drawers into the distributor catalog. The SpitzLift SAT550 has a maximum lift capacity of 550-lbs. Electric models are standard with a maximum boom reach of 3-ft. The rugged steel and aluminum construction will ensure plenty of reliable years in the field. The SpitzLift SAT550 can be manually rotated 360 degrees and is compatible with Knapheide Service Bodies, KUV's, and KUVcc's. According to Knapheide sources, this new crane can save end users from back breaking lifting work and increases the safety on a jobsite. www.knapheide.com
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American Van

American Van introduces ladder racks with steel cross supports. The steel cross supports are 14 gauge steel protected by a high-gloss powder coat finish electronically, then fused with heat to resist rust, corrosion and chipping. The steel cross support ladder rack will easily support up to 850 lbs. - distributed evenly on the ladder rack. The uprights clamp firmly onto drip rails with a drip rail clamp assembly. This assembly features a stainless steel eyebolt that can be used for securing tie-downs to the ladder rack. This drill-free method makes it easy to remove or transfer the ladder rack to another van if necessary. Also includes ladder stops which adjust on the width of the cross supports. www.americanvan.com
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