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Something Unexpected From A Pioneer in the HVAC Category

Something Unexpected From A Pioneer in the HVAC Category

Trane has been a world leader in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for more than a hundred years. All good leaders should strive to reinvent themselves, and that's exactly what this Texas-based HVAC company did. With the help of agency of record Carmichael Lynch, Trane transformed its brand communication through the redesign of its corporate website –

One of the first steps in the HVAC purchase cycle is visiting the manufacturer's website. Trane's old site showed that a large portion of consumers walked away without finding what they wanted. Carmichael Lynch alleviated this issue by offering a more simplistic experience, while also helping the Trane brand separate itself from the rest of the HVAC manufacturers.

"It's simple, engaging and helpful. Not too much to ask from a website. We strayed from the traditional product talk found on other HVAC sites that clutter and confuse the consumer, and concentrated on easy navigation and straightforward messaging," says Dave Damman, executive creative director at Carmichael Lynch. "The new website highlights the special features that set Trane apart from its competitors: reliability, rigorous testing measures, Trane's Comfort Specialist dealers and their presence around the world."

In a category where 90 percent of people only think about it when they have an immediate need (with an A/C or furnace breakdown), the key with the new site was finding a way to offer up content when, where and how consumers wanted to see it. According to Trane's director of brand marketing, Joyce Warrington, "The most common visitors to HVAC sites are those who've just had a furnace or air conditioner fail. Our easy-to-navigate site features a help bar and prominent dealer locator tab, offering the consumer the fast and reliable assistance they're seeking."

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