SRP Delivers Drying Technologies to North American Market

Superior Radiant Products announced the introduction of “SRP/GoGaS Drying Technologies” to the North American market. Earlier this year, Superior Radiant Products Ltd. And GoGaS Goch GmbH & Co.KG entered into a strategic alliance to lead the way in providing high-efficiency space heating to the North American market. To complement SRP’s extensive space heating product offering, the company will now offer complete service in the manufacture of drying and heating plants.

SRP/GoGaS brings great experience in the field of heat treatment processes like drying, coating and pre-heating. This includes the engineering, design, and manufacturing of drying plants for the paper, textile, steel, aluminum, plastics, ceramics, fiber cement, food, and other industry. Depending on the customer’s requirement, SRP/GoGaS delivers convection dryers, combined radiation and convection dryers, and infrared dryers. A special field of application for the use of infrared radiant heaters are railcar defrosting installations. Railcars loaded with coal or other bulk solids are heated to enable a trouble-free discharge during the winter months.

“We are positioned for the future; our focus remains consistent to provide superior, innovative, energy-efficient heating methods” says Kevin Merritt, president of SRP.

For more information, visit www.superiorradiant.com.

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