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The Bosch Greensource CDi Series SM Model residential geothermal heat pump is now available in a split system for applications seeking to separate the condenser unit from the fan coil. A split system allows the installer to separate the condenser section up to 75 feet away from the fan coil section to isolate sound, vibration and unwanted heat from the conditioned space. The condenser may be located indoors or outdoors. Efficiency rated to 33.0 EER (part load) and up to 24.0 EER (full load) GWHP. |


ClimateMaster’s latest innovative breakthrough is the new Trilogy 45 Q-Mode variable-speed geothermal heat pump system, which provides the industry’s highest efficiencies of 45 EER and further notable savings via on-demand hot water generation capabilities. The system additionally offers convenient programming, monitoring and control for homeowners and dealers over the Internet from any WiFienabled device. The Trilogy 45 Q-Mode’s patent-pending Q-Mode technology reduces hot water operating costs by providing full-time, year-round domestic hot water heating at over 500% (5.0 COP) efficiency. |


Light commercial users will find the advanced, customizable features of the dual-fuel capable ComfortNet CTK04 one of the most user-friendly controls available, Goodman reports. Pre-programmed indoor and outdoor control boards automatically determine proper system setup and properly manage airflow and system capacity settings. The CTK04’s exclusive RedLINK Internet Gateway offers a full suite of wireless enabled accessories – entry/eExit remote, vent and filter boost remote. |


LG’s innovative AC Smart Premium central controller communicates with LG indoor units and controls up to 128 devices, offering advance features in addition to basic unit control and monitoring. These features include scheduling, auto-changeover, email alarm notification, visual floor plan navigation and interlocking. With the ability to adjust LG air conditioners, LG ventilation units and third-party devices, the AC Smart Premium offers users the convenience of managing all devices with one system. Ideal for office buildings, schools and other commercial applications, it’s outfitted with a clear, 10.2-in. touch-screen display with user-controlled web access, making monitoring HVAC units simple and convenient. |



Trane’s TGVX all-in-one geothermal system offers the ultimate combination of comfort and performance in any home, sources say. The variablecapacity compressor and variablespeed blower incorporates Trane’s latest technology, delivering consistent, even temperatures every day of the year. The TGVX geothermal heat pump features communicating controls and energy outputs that keep homeowners informed about the operation of their system. |


WaterFurnace has made upgrades to its 5 Series 500R11 indoor splits (pictured), 5 Series 500RO11 outdoor splits and the Synergy3D. Both the 5 Series indoor and outdoor splits now carry the WaterFurnace Aurora family of controls. The Aurora Base Control (ABC) features a microprocessor control to sequence all components during operation for optimum performance. The ABC provides easy-to-use troubleshooting features, including fault lights, onboard diagnostics, and a hand-held Aurora Interface Diagnostic (AID) tool. |


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