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Tecumseh Launches Its All New TA Mini Compressor

Tecumseh Launches Its All New TA Mini Compressor

Tecumseh Products Company is pleased to introduce the all-new environmentally friendly TA series next generation refrigeration compressor developed for global applications in domestic appliances and small commercial products.

This totally redesigned, best-in-class compressor bolsters Tecumseh’s small capacity global product offering for original equipment manufacturers of household refrigerators and freezers, as well as small commercial equipment such as water coolers and specialty food service devices.

While the TA will support traditional R134a refrigerant, it is optimized for hydrocarbon refrigerants R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane). This is especially important, since hydrocarbon refrigerants are expected to be authorized for use in U.S. commercial and residential applications in the near future, due to approval of the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Hydrocarbon refrigerants are already being used successfully in both domestic and commercial applications around the world.

Key advantages of the TA include:
· It is best in class for combined size, weight and efficiency
· It uses up to 35 percent less oil than its predecessor
· It is up to 17 percent smaller than older models of the same capacity
· Redesigned internals provide for smoother motor operation
· Increased suction muffler volume delivers quieter operation
· TA models cover 300 to 800 Btu/h for an increased range of capacities

The TA joins the all-new AE2 compressor launched earlier this year by Tecumseh for the commercial refrigeration market. Both new compressors were designed to satisfy today’s most severe energy requirements as well as those of the future. The TA is one of more than 150 Tecumseh products designed and developed to fulfill Tecumseh’s Green Products Initiative.

“The introduction of the TA compressor is another step in our continuous quest to provide high quality, reliable compressors that set the standard for today’s refrigeration marketplace, with the capability to meet the needs of the future,” says Tecumseh CEO & President, Jim Connor. “Since the TA was designed to provide optimized performance with “green” hydrocarbon refrigerants it furthers Tecumseh’s position as a leader in hydrocarbon compressor development.”

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