Thybar Corporation Offers Top-Quality Metal Building Curbs

Thybar Corporation introduces a new line of laser cut, all welded construction, insulated metal building curbs. Advanced laser technology offers the tightest tolerances and allows for a superior weld. Each curb is custom designed to accommodate any rooftop equipment and to conform to any roof pitch. The curbs are fabricated using #14 and #18 Ga. AZ-55 Galvalume® material with all welded construction, built-in diverter and integral conforming notches for complete compatibility with GALVALUME® roof panels and a watertight seal. Removable duct channels and insulated pans to accommodate duct locations are included.

Custom fabrication assures proper alignment to the roof slope and permits reinforcement as required to support any weight rooftop unit. Standard features include: built-in rib configuration, integral water deflecting cricket, 3-in. attachment flanges, 10-in. minimum height and factory installed rigid insulation (1-1/2-in. thick, 3 lb density) are included.

Optional features include: extra height, non-insulated construction, double curb for rooftop units over 2,000 lbs, separate retro-fit cell caps and stainless steel or aluminum construction.

Visit www.thybar.com for additional information.

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