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Trane Brings Red Carpet Service and Savings to Movie Theaters Around the World

Trane Brings Red Carpet Service and Savings to Movie Theaters Around the World

With their profit margins threatened by rising operating costs, advancements in digital home-theater equipment and an inconsistent product from movie studios, theater owners are closely analyzing opportunities for savings that can impact their bottom line.

Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, routinely works with movie theaters all over the world — from the United States and Mexico to the United Kingdom, Poland and India — on ways to maximize their energy efficiency while keeping moviegoers comfortable enough to return for future screenings.

Big Screen Advantage

Theaters face significant challenges when it comes to maintaining a comfortable environment for fans. Theater air stratification with stadium-style seating can leave upper seats too warm and lower seats too cold.

Movie theaters also cycle from empty to full capacity crowds and back every two hours, putting uneven demand on HVAC equipment. The unique business mission of theaters requires a solution that meets these climate control challenges.

Trane High Performance Buildings is an outcome-based approach that complements building industry standards and helps owners link the physical environment of a building to a business mission. Trane creates high performance buildings using a unique methodology that combines financial, operating and energy analysis with specialized services and available financing.

The Trane High Performance Buildings approach takes into account the theater owner's business mission as well as the building's heating and cooling needs to create a truly custom solution. From ensuring proper air distribution to managing the perceptible decibel levels of air handlers at the seats, Trane works with movie theater owners and management to provide a climate control solution that minimizes energy use, maximizes comfort and delivers heating and air conditioning with zero impact on the customer experience.

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