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TSI Launches New Laboratory Design Handbook

Shoreview, MN — TSI Incorporated announces the availability of a new Laboratory Design Handbook. The new handbook covers the basic goals of all laboratory design, including:

  • Safety — Maintaining the health and well-being of occupants is the primary goal. Complying with established regulations, guidelines and standards is the first step in achieving laboratory safety objectives.

  • Energy Efficiency — Conditioning, supplying and exhausting laboratory air require considerable energy. However, laboratories must be designed so that energy efficiency gains do not reduce safety and comfort.

  • Comfort — Temperature and air velocities affect safety and productivity of laboratory workers. Laboratory layout and easy-to-use equipment are also important.

The new handbook can be used to assist in training or as a reference guide and is easily accessible by visiting It covers basic concepts in laboratory ventilation and controls, fume hood testing and controls, as well as components — dampers, flow stations and venturi valves. An appendix comparing three VAV system control sequences is a handy reference guide.

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