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Two New Distributor Members Join the Ranks of HARDI, Two Current Members Share in the Benefits

There is simply nothing else that can match an honest word of endorsement from a person who is already active in HARDI. Recognizing the value that members bring to recruiting for their association, HARDI has in place a few added perks for members who sponsor a new HARDI member.

When a member sponsors a distributor into membership, they earn $150 in HARDI Bucks, credit that can be used toward any activity sponsored by national (not regional) HARDI: conferences, workshops, seminars, Home Study Institute courses, etc. A member can also earn HARDI Bucks for sponsoring manufacturer members ($100 in HARDI Bucks) or any other category of membership ($75 in HARDI Bucks).

Individuals that have been instrumental in bringing new distributor members into the association are recognized at conference with the Key Member award. Once a member has sponsored five new distributor members into HARDI, they become a member of the Martin Walshin Permanent Key Group. The award is named after Martin Walshin of Martin Walshin Inc., a dedicated association member personally responsible for bringing in 71 distributor members to the association.

Please welcome into membership the following new distributor members and help us thank their sponsors, recipients of the Key Group award.

A & H Supply
Boise, ID
Chuck Keene, vice president
Sponsored by Doug Young, Behler-Young Co.

E.P. Homiek S.M.
Lakewood, NJ
Jerry Kelman, operations manager
*Sponsored by Dick Foster, ZONEFIRST

*Dick Foster is a member of the Martin Walshin Permanent Key Group.

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