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GPS is an extremely helpful tool when used with fleet management software Thinkstock
<p>GPS is an extremely helpful tool when used in concert with fleet management software.</p>

Using technology to manage your fleet

As technology becomes more accessible for small businesses, fleet management will become much easier. The days of keeping track of everything through pen and paper are almost over. But for many, new technology just leads to confusion.

That confusion is likely best solved sooner rather than later, as there will soon be more competition utilizing fleet management software. Berg Insight AB reported that market penetration of fleet management technology is poised to grow to 22 percent by 2017. This is up from 11.7 percent in 2012.  

Contractor Magazine’s Hal Conick looked into some tools that contractors need for fleet management, including GPS, big data measurement and cloud computing.

For small businesses, especially, cloud-based fleet management technology has been extremely helpful. Andersson told TechTarget that smaller companies are not usually able to host systems on their miniscule in-house servers, so cloud-based fleet management software adoption can be hugely beneficial to save money and create efficiencies.

John Edmunds, managing director of cloud solutions, at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, told Automotive Fleet in an interview that the main benefit of using a cloud-based service is the ability to have more ability and flexibility. This way, when fleet management software evolves, businesses can also evolve with ease.

Visit Contractor’s website to read more on essential tools for fleet management.

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