Veris Industries Announces New High Performance Power and Energy Monitor with Data Logging

Veris Industries Announces New High Performance Power and Energy Monitor with Data Logging

Veris Industries, a leader in innovative power monitoring solutions, announces the release of the E50C3 Power & Energy Meter. This meter is part of the recently announced E50 family, and has been designed to meet the needs of government and military energy management projects.

In addition to the standard rich feature set of the E50 Series, the E50C3 includes logging capabilities at 15 minute intervals for up to 60 days. In addition to KW/KWH, up to 8 additional parameters can be stored. With ANSI 12.20 accuracy, logging and a wide range of parameter outputs, The E50C3 is an ideal meter for energy management applications.

Ease of installation is addressed by the inclusion of on-board diagnostics to speed setup and commissioning. In addition, product versatility is enhanced by the ability to be installed either directly on a DIN rail or surface mount as well as an optional NEMA4 enclosure. The E50C3 includes pulse out & alarm capabilities in addition to modbus output.

The E50 series is a major addition to the family of energy products available from Veris. In addition to energy meters, Veris is the leader in branch and multi-circuit monitoring solutions for industry. As a company, Veris has made a major commitment to the energy metering market.

"Veris believes that the explosive growth in energy management tools has the power to transform the way the world manages its environmental and energy challenges. With the E50 Series, Veris is uniquely positioned to help our customers effectively monitor and manage energy usage on traditional as well as alternative energy distribution systems using industry standard protocols such as BACnet, Lon, and Modbus," says Frank Morey, President of Veris.

For additional information on the E50 Series of Power & Energy Meters, or any of Veris’ products visit www.veris.com.

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