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Vertical Stack Water-Source Heat Pump

Another innovation from Climate- Master is the first vertical stack water-source heat pump with EarthPure (HFC-410A) zero-ozone-depletion refrigerant. ClimateMaster is in the process of converting all product lines to this new environmentally friendly refrigerant.

The vertical stack water-source heat pump consists of two main components, the cabinet and the chassis. The cabinet, which includes the controls and blower, is built into the wall. The chassis, which includes the complete refrigerant circuit, slides into the cabinet.

The advantage of a cabinet/chassis configuration is the ease of service and minimal occupant disruption, especially in hotels, schools, assisted living facilities and condos/apartments, where this type of heat pump is popular. With a spare chassis, the original chassis can be replaced in a matter of minutes, and the original chassis can be serviced remotely.

ClimateMaster's new vertical stack water-source heat pump is part of the Tranquility series of heat pumps, available in sizes 3/4-ton through 3-ton.

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