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A Very Hydronic September

Tom PericWe’re back, as we are every September, with a specific topic that we focus on most of this issue. When my publisher, John Ehlen, and I sat down to discuss what topic we should lick, it wasn’t difficult. After all, we added the “Hydronics” to our title, so it didn’t take much stretching to decide on that topic.

Interest in Hydronics continues to grow even though it still is a minor player when compared with the “air” side of the business. We believe that is changing, and after reading this issue, you’ll understand why.

Here’s a brief preview of what to expect:

The Top Executive Roundup. We asked six well-known manufacturers the same question to develop a sense of what the big thinkers ponder on the hydronics side. We were fortunate to have executives from Bosch, Burnham, Lochinvar, MrPEX Systems, TACO and Uponor offer us their insights. I’m a big proponent of how top executives describe their view of the industry through the prism of their own company. I hope you agree.

The Grundfos Interview. It’s no surprise that we have a manufacturer profile but it was no accident that we decided on Grundfos for this Hydronics special issue. Described as the largest pump manufacturer in the world, this Denmarkbased company is making a strong showing in the U.S. market.

John Mesenbrink contributes a first-class analysis of how Hydronics can improve its market share in our industry.

ACCA & Hydronics. I saw the press release announcing ACCA’s formation of its own Hydronics Council. I immediately wanted to hear what its executive director, Dan Foley, had to say, who I learned after a phone interview is a very smart fellow. You will see why.

The Radiant Professionals Alliance. In the world of change, another top industry expert, Mark Eatherton, took over as executive director of the Radiant Professionals Alliance. Here, too, I wanted to see what changes we might expect from this organization that is at the forefront of all that is Hydronics.

HARDI & Hydronics. I’ve followed the Hydronics subcouncil for a number of years, and when I asked its chair, Jeff Applebaum, what they were working on, I received a short but exquisitely clear description of the subject they intend to focus on. If you attend the HARDI annual conference in December and Hydronics is important to you, stop in at their meeting.

Should you sell your business now or...? Owners think about it frequently, even if it just sits somewhere back in the brain, waiting for the right moment to pop up. Of course, what’s the right moment? My two investment banker buddies, Dale Falcinelli and Travis Coley, give you a great starting point.

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