Water Gard Condensation Controls Stops Water Damage

Water Gard Condensation Controls Stops Water Damage

Water Gard is a patented, UL certified electronic condensation overflow control system that monitors all 24V controlled HVAC systems for unsafe levels of condensation and is ideal for application in wide range of commercial and residential air conditioning systems.

When an unsafe condensation level is detected, Water Gard® locks out the air conditioning system after a brief delay to avoid false alarms. Specific Sensors are designed to fit either the primary drain pan or the safety/auxiliary drain pan. According to Water Gard sources, the condensation control system is excellent for rooftop package units.

Other features include:

  • Code compliant for commercial and residential AC units.

  • Re-set button.

  • Power surge & brown-out protection.

  • Fail safe (default is lock-out).

  • 3 year replacement warranty.

Visit www.watergard.net for additional information.

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