Welcome New HARDI Members

HARDI is pleased to welcome the following companies into membership.

Wholesale Member

Standard Appliances Inc.
Chattanooga, TN
Mark Wilson, president
Sponsored by: Roger Allison, Refrigeration Wholesale

Manufacturer Members

ecobee Inc.
Toronto, ON
Chris Carradine, VP - sales/marketing
Sponsored by: Jess Hill, Johnstone Supply

Fasco Distributing Co.
Eldon, MO
Jeff Eckelkamp, general manager
Sponsored by: Preston Davis-Robinson, Genteq

Bondoufle, France
Didier Jean Gervais, president

Continental Coils
Grand Rapids, MI
Kevin Chu, president

Summit Refrigerants
Humble, TX
Steve Trevino, manager
Sponsored by: Richard Cook, Johnson Supply

Service Vendor Member

Profit Strategies Inc.
Columbus, GA
David M. Holt, national sales manager

Manufacturer Representative Member

Carl Ray & Associates
Dallas, TX
Carl Ray
Sponsored by: Don Chmura, Refrigeration & Electric Supply

HARDI members prefer to do business with other HARDI members. Not a member?

Our members are leaders in the HVACR industry. Members include distributors, plan & spec distributors, integrated wholesale distributors, manufacturers, manufacturer's representatives, service vendors, marketing/purchasing/cooperatives and more.

For membership information, call HARDI toll-free at 888/253-2128 or e-mail [email protected].

Check out our website to see what we do.

Each One … Reach One … it's quite simple, really.

As a member of HARDI, you know the benefits of belonging. You know the proven benefits of active involvement. Do your peers?

If each HARDI member reaches out to one person/company (or more!) that they know in the industry and personally invites them to a HARDI function or to join HARDI membership, it will make the association and industry stronger.

All it takes is one! Your upcoming opportunity for Each One … Reach One is to bring a prospect (or less than active member) to a HARDI regional meeting so they can see firsthand what HARDI has to offer them and benefit their business. (And when you sponsor a new HARDI member, you benefit financially. Contact HARDI to find out how.)

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