An “integration controls distributor” is an experienced systems distributor who has made a significant training and personnel investment to move to the highest level of building automation technology. They are capable of designing applications that involve multiple protocols and/or multiple systems (i.e. HVAC/access/lighting/security, etc.), often using the Tridium/Honeywell Niagara software platform as a front end. What defines the “integration controls distributor” is the engineering and technical capability to design an open system that allows devices from various manufacturers as the project requires. Building owners are no longer limited to one manufacturer's products, and they can now equip a building with the best possible solutions, regardless of who makes it. The integration controls distributor is the only single resource available with factory certified training for automation controls from all of the major manufacturers. They work in concert with building engineers and qualified systems integrators/installers every day to provide the products and expertise needed for intelligent building projects.

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