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York Heating and Cooling Announces a New Way to Display School Spirit

Norman, OK — In an effort to score big on school spirit, many homeowners are finding new ways to display team loyalty. Fans not only decorate their mailboxes and fly team flags, many now also display their favorite college team logo on their outdoor HVAC unit.

In response to homeowners' growing interest in aesthetics and college athletics, HVAC manufacturers have redesigned equipment to stylishly package efficiency and performance features in units that will attract the attention of homeowners.

Last year, York Heating and Cooling introduced its all-new Affinity series of air conditioners and heat pumps, offering homeowners something never seen before in the industry — color. (Affinity units are available in a choice of seven colors — standard Champagne or Terra Cotta, Jet Black, Stone, Bermuda, Chocolate or Gunmetal.) This year, the company offers loyal alumni and sports fans condensing unit panels that bear the logo of prominent colleges and universities.

The company signed an agreement with the Atlanta-based Collegiate Licensing Co. and the Michigan-based License Resource Group which, in turn, represent colleges and universities. The plan is to have 74 major schools represented this year. More than 45 college logos are available.

As with the optional Affinity color panels, college logos will be applied to painted, customized panels that replace the standard condensing-unit panels. Eventually, homeowners will be able to view and select their logo online. Distributors will stock logo panels geographically, but homeowners will be able to order any available logo.

For more information, contact your nearest York Heating and Cooling dealer or call 1-800-910-YORK.

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