Zone-A-Trol Changes Name to ZONEFIRST

Elmwood Park, NJ — Zone-A-Trol announces its name change to ZONEFIRST, distinguishing itself from the popular Trol zoning names previously used. ZONEFIRST will continue to show its 50-year history in developing the forced air zoning market.

The new ZONEFIRST name reflects the company's intent to be the first to zone, while also sending the message to the industry that it must consider zoning first and foremost when designing any and all HVAC systems.

“Zoning is always included in every hydronic and radiant heating system,” says ZONEFIRST president Dick Foster. “Commercial systems are designed with VAV, which is just another form of zoning and now even the auto industry is embracing multi-zone climate control in their new car ads. Why shouldn't the residential and light commercial HVAC designers and installers do the same?”

For more information, visit www.zonefirst.com, or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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