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Technology Update: Specialty Comfort Systems

Nov. 1, 2008
Ductless, high velocity air conditioning, geothermal systems, and sophisticated controls are growing in popularity among contractors and their customers.


Bard’s GV geothermal heat pump is suitable for open or closed loop applications, and is available in two to six-ton capacities. Features include a Copeland step-capacity scroll compressor, R410-A refrigerant, and variable speed ECM motor for efficiency and quiet performance, company sources say. Service features include left or right side water connections, left or right hand access to control panel, slidein electric heat packages, and simplified wiring and troubleshooting. Visit for more info.


The market for geothermal heat pumps continues to grow significantly, so Bryant dealers are finding that the technology brings them many opportunities for increased sales and profits, according to company sources.

Bryant geothermal heat pumps are available in residential sizes from two to six-tons, in vertical, horizontal, and split configurations with Puron® refrigerant. Efficiencies are among the highest in the industry with ground loop rated EERs up to 27, and Coefficients of Performance (COPs) up to 4.6. Visit for additional info.


Carrier geothermal heating and cooling systems offer high efficiency for low operating costs, company sources say. Since geothermal units contain few moving parts, these heating and cooling systems can operate efficiently for years with little maintenance. The highest quality components have been chosen for their long-term dependability, and Carrier spokespersons say geothermal loops have a life in excess of 50 years.

With the optional hot water generator, hot water is produced when the geothermal system is running in either heating or cooling mode.

Carrier geothermal systems can be connected to existing furnaces or installed with a new air handler to heat and cool the entire home. Because it can be connected to fossil fuel or electric furnaces, the geothermal system is ideal for “add-on” installations, sources report. Visit for additional info.


ClimateMaster announces the Tranquility 16™ Compact (TC) series watersource heat pumps with EarthPure® HFC-410A zeroozone- depletion refrigerant. According to company sources, it’s environmentallyfriendly, boasts one of the smallest cabinets in the industry, is compatible with thousands of older water-source heat pumps, and utilizes scroll compressors to exceed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency requirements. The Tranquility is available in sizes from 1… to 5-tons and is geothermal capable.

Visit for additional info.


Daikin’s flexible multi-split systems can serve from two to four rooms (or zones) using only one outdoor unit, and allow individual control of the heating and cooling in each space. Contractors can choose from duct-free, wall mounted units or slim ducted fan coil units, which can be installed in a soffit or the ceiling. There are a number of duct-free and ducted fan coil units to choose from as well. There are a total of 115 possible combinations.

According to company sources, the two-port and the four-port multi-split system is ideal for installations where space for outdoor units is limited.

Daikin’s inverter technology offers energy efficiency with SEER ratings up to 19.5 and HSPF ratings up to 9.6.Units are optimized for R-410A refrigerant.

Daikin’s multi-split systems feature Home Leave Operation, which allows homeowners to adjust the temperature and airflow rate with a push of a button. The Intelligent Eye, an infrared sensor that can sense human movement in the room, is available on Daikin’s wall mounts. After no movement is sensed for 20 minutes, the system sets back the temperature to reduce power consumption. Visit for more info.


Friedrich Air Conditioning announces the addition of 20- SEER ductless split system heat pumps to its extensive line of ductless split system products. The 20-SEER wall-mount heat pumps are available in 9,000 and 12,000 btu capacities and feature inverter technology that reaches the desired temperature setting faster, maintains it more accurately, and uses less energy, according to company sources.

The M09Y1G and the M12YG feature automatic changeover from cooling to heating mode as needed to maintain the set temperature. Other features include an LCD remote control, 24-hour timer with sleep timer, four fan speeds, five operational modes (auto, cool, dry, fan, heat), auto swing louvers, continuous “air sweep,” a washable, removable air filter, and sleek louvers that automatically close when not in use. Visit for more info.


Fujitsu offers two ductless split system wall-mount models with longer refrigerant pipe lengths and lower ambient operation for heating or cooling. The low ambient operation is especially useful for ambient cooling of computer rooms during the winter months. In addition, all Halcyon units are equipped with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plasma filtration.

Fujitsu’s 24,000 btu 24RLQ wall-mounted heat pump is replaced by the 24RLXQ – the unit with an extended line set capability, providing a combined line set maximum of 165 lineal feet. It also operates optimally at temperatures as low as 0F for both cooling and heating purposes. The manufacturer’s 30,000 btu 30CLX cooling-only system is being replaced with the 30RLXQ which now offers heat pump operation, extended line set length (also 165 lineal ft.) and optimal operation with outdoor temperatures at low as 0F – providing full heat performance with no supplemental heat.

These units are available with these capabilities right off the shelf with no modifications needed for low ambient operation. There is no need to add a crank case heater, fan cycle control, or larger suction accumulator to protect the compressor; these are already built-in. Visit for additional info.


Goodman mini-splits offer complete room comfort with a remote control.

The Goodman MSG series units don’t require ductwork. A single 3 -in. wall opening connects the outdoor and indoor units, with the refrigerant, drain lines, and controls running through that one opening.

Inside, the small-profile unit sits high on a wall. A straightforward remote control conveniently operates the unit.

Goodman mini-split systems use R-410A refrigerant.

A five-year compressor limited warranty plus a one-year parts limited warranty is standard on the mini-splits.

The Goodman MSG series offer air conditioner and heat pump units in three sizes, from one to two-tons. Other features include auto-start, sleep mode, easy-to-clean front panels, anti-rust cabinets, inner-grove copper, self-diagnostics, auto-protection, and bidirectional airflow. Visit for additional info.

Heat Controller, Inc.

Comfort-Aire introduces its GeoMax2® series geothermal heat pumps. Four models are available in two to five-ton capacities, with EERs as high as 28.5 on partial load.

According to company sources, the two-stage system saves energy by shifting between part load and full load, automatically adjusting to optimize comfort. It does this by running at 67% capacity most of the time, maintaining a constant temperature and humidity level. When there’s a greater demand for conditioning, such as during weather extremes, the unit instantly shifts to 100% capacity. Efficiency is enhanced by a multi-stage scroll compressor and a variable speed blower motor that provides a multitude of operational modes.

Quiet operation is assured by a double isolation compressor mounting system and vibration isolation spring. An insulated divider and separate compressor and air handler compartments further reduce sound.

The GeoMax2 HTV series uses R-410A and has an operating range of 20F to 120F.

Standard features on the Geo- Max2 series include a hot water generator with built-in pump and solid state microprocessor controls with a performance monitoring system that signals a problem before a lock-out occurs. Units are covered by a 12-year warranty on the compressor and a 6-year warranty on other parts. Visit for additional info.


The Prestige™ comfort system from Honeywell is a high-resolution, full-color thermostat. The Prestige is enabled with RedLINK™ wireless technology, making it wireless-ready, company sources say. Prestige is equipped with touchscreen technology. It doesn’t come with an owner’s manual as it programs itself after “interviewing” consumers by asking a few simple questions about their daily schedules. Prestige is designed to work with Honeywell’s Portable Comfort Control and the Wireless Outdoor Sensor.

Honeywell has also introduced the first wireless platform engineered specifically for HVAC, featuring the Portable Comfort Control™, a hand-held device that not only senses and allows homeowners to adjust for that room’s temperature but also provides information on outdoor conditions to help them make informed decisions that could positively impact overall energy use. Used much like a TV remote, the Portable Comfort Control is a hand-held, batteryoperated device that automatically adjusts the temperature in whatever room its in to whatever desired setting, displays outdoor temperature and humidity, puts energy-related decisions conveniently in homeowners’ hands, and allows for energy-saving set-back at bed-time after homeowners fall asleep. Visit for more info.


ICM Controls Corporation introduces its ICM492 digital line voltage monitor. Complete with a backlit digital display, the ICM492 monitors and displays real-time voltage, with the ability to field-adjust parameters at the push of a button to meet the specific needs of the user.

The ICM492 line voltage monitor continuously checks incoming line voltage for faults and displays RMS voltage on the digital display. Adjustable over and under voltage settings set the boundaries for safe operation of your equipment. The response time on the fault condition can also be finetuned to help reduce nuisance trips. Additional features of the ICM492 include; an adjustable anti-short cycle time delay, control mode, universal line voltage input, and heavy duty SPDT relay output. The ICM492 also comes standard with a universal control voltage input to easily integrate a thermostat. Visit for additional info.


LG’s MULTI V uses a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat recovery system that makes it possible to operate cooling and heating simultaneously using one outdoor unit. Built around LG’s inverter compressors, the MULTI V series delivers one of the highest EER ratings available in the VRF equipment category, along with low noise operation, according to company sources.

The LG Inverter VRF systems use both a variable speed inverter compressor and constant speed compressor. Instead of shutting off once the desired temperature is reached, the inverter compressor continues to operate at a low speed to maintain that temperature, resulting in quieter operation and greater energy efficiency when compared to conventional models that cycle on and off.

The constant speed compressor is utilized only when the overall capacity of the system needs to be increased. Visit for additional info.


Mitsubishi Electric HVAC has introduced the Mr. Slim® M-Series highefficiency, split-ductless heat pump system.

The MSeries system, which consists of the MSZFD indoor unit and the MUZ-FD outdoor unit, that is Energy Star® Tier 2 qualified due to its increased energy effectiveness and SEER ratings.

The MSZ-FD09NA systems have a rated cooling capacity of 9,000 btu and a rated heating capacity of 10,900 btu, while the MSZ-FD12NA models have a rated cooling capacity of 12,000 Btu/h and a rated heating capacity of 13,600 btu/h.

Mitsubishi Electric’s “i-see” sensor is standard on the MSZ-FD indoor units. The “i see” sensor enables the units to achieve superior cooling and heating performance by eliminating the disparity between the temperature close to the ceiling and the temperature near the floor, sources say. The sensor rotates 360 degrees, measures the infrared radiation generated from the surrounding wall and floor surfaces, computes radiant energy and then converts it into a temperature value, which is introduced into the control system. Visit for additional info.


Comfort Control™ provides the perfect balance of comfort and luxury, according to Rheem spokespersons.

Comfort Control″ System™ (CC″S) features a seven segment LED for quick access to system diagnostics and operating history while providing powerful active system protection.

Contour Comfort Control™ tailors its performance to within one degree of the set point, while automatically modulating energy consumption and heating output based on homeowner preference.

The Dual fuel system inherently has the flexibility to minimize the risks associated with rising utility costs, by eliminating the need to predict future gas and electricity prices, company sources say.

The serial communication capabilities of CC″S utilizes the Rheem Series 500 thermostat to provide homeowners with maintenance reminders.

When these two products are matched, the system adjusts airflow to help control humidity for unsurpassed comfort in the cooling mode. Visit for additional info.


SANYO announces the three-way line of ECO-I products. The three-way series offers the ability to simultaneously heat and cool different zones. Offering all the features of the two-way series, the three-way solution offers heating and cooling coupled with installation. Providing a single refrigerant pipe network means there's only one penetration into the building.

The three-way outdoor heat recovery line includes the CHDZ series, models: CHDZ09053 and CHDZ14053 and the WCHDZ series, models: WCHDZ20053, WCHDZ26053, and WCHDZ32053. All models offer flexible combinations, inverter control compressors, and high-energy efficiencies. Visit for additional info.

WaterFurnace International

WaterFurnace International, Inc. featured its GeoTank line of geothermal domestic hot water and hydronic storage tanks at HVAC Comfortech 2008. The new line of tanks is designed to provide consistent water temperature and constant hot water in geothermal systems.

Available in 80- or 119-gallon capacities, the storage tanks include two 1-in. and 2 -in. connections on top and two 1 -in. side ports for installation and operation of geothermal hot water assist systems and highflow water-to-water units. A factoryinstalled thermistor mounted in the lower element port ensures accurate tank setpoint control.

Tanks in the GeoTank line use one Sandhog low watt density Incoloy steel-heating element that lasts two to three times longer than standard copper heating elements and increases the overall efficiency of the tank, sources say. The tanks also feature 2-in. (R-16) insulation, a pre-mounted temperature and pressure relief valve, a lower thermostat for synergy control, a pre-pulled wire for the top exit of controls and chilled water capability. Primary and secondary aluminum anode rods offer maximum protection against corrosion. Visit for additional info.


The York Hybrid Comfort System offers homeowners the opportunity to switch between the most efficient and cost-effective method of heating their home. During mild winters, an electric heat pump can be used as the primary heat source, and on the coldest days, when outdoor temperatures drop to a point where the heat pump is no longer efficient, a gas furnace, instead of electric resistance heaters, provides supplemental heat. This hybrid or dualfuel system helps ensure comfortable indoor temperatures while at the same time balancing the utility load for the most economical operation.

In addition to improved comfort levels and increased savings, the selective use of the heat pump and the furnace helps extend the life of each. When a York Hybrid Comfort System consists of an Affinity™ 8T series heat pump and matching Affinity furnace, it qualifies for a limited lifetime compressor warranty and a 10-year system parts warranty. Ratings for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) are provided, as is other compliance information. Visit for additional info.