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VentZone Systems Indoor Air Quality with Heat or Energy Recovery

June 15, 2017
VentZone® System, the most energy efficient home ventilation system on the market today.

What if you could get a home ventilation system that combined zoned bathroom exhaust plus whole-house ventilation with a single heat or energy recovery ventilator? That’s the award-winning VentZone® Systems by American Aldes. Aldes recently announced exciting new changes to the heat and energy recovery ventilators and VentZone® Systems, including near universal compatibility with advance dry contact control, allowing direct interlock with the HVAC systems and most air exchanger controls AND onboard low-voltage supply to power up to 5 Aldes Zone Register Terminals (ZRT’s).

These design advances make the American Aldes heat/energy recovery ventilators and VentZone® Systems the most advanced and effective home ventilation systems available. American Aldes cost-effective ventilation solutions provide complete ventilation, simplified installation, and compatibility with other controllers. Have a closer look here