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    Broan Fresh Air Systems: Removing the Guesswork for Customers and Contractors

    Sept. 1, 2021
    Read this article to learn about how you can implement a ventilation strategy for your home.

    In today’s hypercompetitive housing market, more homeowners are pursuing ways to optimize their current living space for maximum comfort and convenience. And while big projects like kitchen and bath remodels often take center stage, don’t let the intangibles - like superior air quality – get overlooked. With poor air quality linked to everything from unpleasant odors and lingering cold symptoms to serious respiratory illness, better air has earned its spot on the “must-have” list.

    Creating peace of mind through a ventilation strategy

    Knowing what ventilation solution is best for your customer doesn’t have to be challenging. As the industry leader in Fresh Air Systems, Broan-NuTone® offers a range of products designed to provide a continuous supply of fresh air to any home or commercial property. From the AI Series featuring Viruto Air Technology™ that self-calibrates and adjusts in real-time to meet proper ventilation standards, to the Fresh In™ supply fans with a built-in intelligent algorithm that monitors outdoor conditions before brining air into the home, Broan-NuTone creates peace of mind for customers while eliminating the guesswork.

    Installation Made Simple

    Time savings is critical on the job and to your bottom line. The new Broan AI Series Fresh Air System is specially designed to eliminate guesswork for contractors, too, saving installers up to 20 minutes per unit. It includes universal brackets for flexible installation and auto balancing that is done directly on the unit via the LCD screen. An advanced touch screen control can also be used as an installation tool; desired air flows can be configured directly in this interface.

    For additional guidance, Broan-NuTone created these charts based on ASHRAE 62.2 to help HVACR pros determine what size system customers require, per local codes and regulations.

    New solutions for new homes

    Providing an informed ventilation strategy includes evaluating the impact of the age and build of a home. Newer homes are built to maximize energy efficiency, resulting in less fresh air naturally entering the living space. This often traps excess humidity and airborne pollutants indoors. Fresh Air Systems solve this problem by exchanging air consistently and efficiently throughout the entire home, without any action required from the homeowner. Talk to customers about the valuable health and comfort benefits of installing a Fresh Air System.        

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