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Gary Messina (left), founder and CEO of Biological Controls, and Tony Julian, RGF vice president of business development.

RGF Environmental Group Acquires Biological Controls

April 26, 2018
The new division will be named RGF-BioControls and will join RGF’s family of brands, which includes AFL Industries and Element Air.

Riviera Beach, Fla.-based RGF Environmental Group, which manufactures water treatment and air-purifying products, purchased the assets of Biological Controls, a New Jersey manufacturer of commercial indoor air quality products since 1973. The purchase propels RGF into the hospital and health-care industry with the Microcon series of FDA 510K-compliant air-filtration equipment.

The new division will be named RGF-BioControls, a division of RGF Environmental Group Inc., and will join RGF’s family of brands, which includes AFL Industries and Element Air.

RGF’s R&D engineers, headed by Walter B. Ellis, executive vice president/general manager, are busy improving the company’s new product lines and merging them with existing RGF’s technologies. All production will be done in RGF’s West Palm Beach facility under its ISO 9001:2015 certification standards. RGF has added a second-level new management office and two assembly lines to its West Palm Beach compound to facilitate this and other pending acquisitions.

Biological Controls’ existing sales force will merge into RGF’s indoor air quality sales force under the direction of Mat Charles, vice president of IAQ sales. Key Biological Controls employees have joined RGF. Tony Julian, vice president of business development, will manage the new group. The cash purchase was negotiated by Sharon B. Rinehimer, RGF’s executive vice President/general counsel.

“This purchase takes RGF into new commercial markets with a company that brings with it Biological Controls’ 45-year history of sterling performance and over 22,688 satisfied clients and end users,” said Ron Fink, RGF president and CEO. “The blending of sales forces will enhance each team’s product offering and use-applications exponentially. We believe the Biological Controls products will receive wide acceptance by our international sales force in 58+ countries, including our China office, and will catapult sales to new highs.”