Copeland's Sensi Stat Integrates with Woosh Air Filtration System

 ST. LOUIS December 18, 2023 Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, announced today that its Sensi™ smart thermostats are now integrated with Woosh’s Smart Air Filtration solution, allowing Sensi users to maximize the smart capabilities of their thermostat. The Woosh solution includes an air quality monitor to deliver real-time updates of essential air-quality indicators and a smart air filter which leverages 3M™ Filtration Technology and sensors to determine filter life.         

When the Woosh Air Quality Monitor and Smart Air Filter are paired with a Sensi smart thermostat, users can transform their home’s HVAC system into a smart air purifier for the entire home. For example, if the Woosh Air Quality Monitor senses poor air quality in the house, it will trigger the Sensi smart thermostat to turn on the system fan to circulate filtered air throughout the home. The integration ultimately allows users to have greater control over their indoor air quality through access to real-time data that removes the guesswork, allowing for more consistent clean air.

The partnership is part of Copeland’s continued commitment to expanding its smart home integrations with the newest technologies on the market, while building on the company’s deep, 100-year legacy of HVAC expertise.

“Integrating with Woosh enables Sensi smart thermostats to do more with a home's HVAC system,” said Brendan O’Toole, vice president, Sensi product platform for Copeland. “By monitoring indoor air quality and leveraging the Sensi platform to engage active filtration, we are empowering our customers to take control of their indoor air quality and get closer to a healthier home.”

“Smart thermostat integrations are critical to delivering on our mission of improving indoor air quality,” said Winston Mok, CEO, Woosh Air. “Partnering with Copeland and their Sensi smart thermostat platform has allowed us to pioneer innovative approaches to whole home filtration and air quality management.” 

Sensi smart thermostats are available at retail stores, online marketplaces, through HVAC contractors and at Woosh Smart Air Filtration products are available at