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Contracting Business/Kelly FAloon
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Emerson39s Brent Schroeder left and Rheem39s Chris Peel shared the news that Rheem39s Prestige Series would incorporate Emerson Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors Photo by Terry McIver

Emerson & Rheem Announce Product Collaboration

Jan. 27, 2015
Rheem's new Prestige Series products will employ Emerson's proven Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors.

Day 2 on the 2015 AHR Expo exhibit hall began with a major announcement, as Rheem and Emerson Climate Technologies reported that Rheem's Prestige product platform will now use Emerson's Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors.

Rheem's Prestige product line provides cooling efficiencies that are reported to be 54% higher than traditional designs, and heating efficiencies that are 58% higher.

Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors are designed and engineered to deliver maximum cooling and heating efficiency.

Today's announcement was made by Brent Schroeder, president of Emerson's air conditioning business, and Chris Peel, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Rheem Manufacturing Co.

The technological pairing of two HVAC industry powerhouses illustrates the benefits of collaboration and idea sharing.

"Emerson is very excited to be working with Rheem on the design and development of their next generation cooling platform," Schroeder said. "The work is built on a long history of success between our two companies, and the strong relationships we've built. "We're excited about the variable speed program, and are proud to be a partner in the development of that product. It leverages our next generation, residential variable speed scroll technology, and our inverter technology, in partnership with our new joint venture partner, Ruking."

The collaboration, and the resulting product line was two years in the planning stage. Units with 13 and 14 Seasonal Energy Efficieny Ratios (SEER) are available immediately. An entire 20 SEER line will be made available to distributors and contractors in June, 2015. The Prestige Series products in the new line deliver a  minimum of 20-SEER performance on all cooling capacities, and heat pumps deliver a minimum of 13-HSPF heating efficiencies in all capacities.

"We've been working for a couple years on this project. We appreciate the relationship we've had with Emerson and there are more great things to come," Peel said. Our teams engaged with each other back-and-forth between our two locations, and we faced and overcame some challenges along the way.

Units with 13 and 14 SEER ratings are available immediately. The 20 SEER variable speed units will become available in June.

Peel said leveraging variable speed enables Rheem to offer 20-SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration) product across Rheem's entire product portfolio.