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Contracting Business/Kelly Faloon
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Contracting Business/Kelly FAloon
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Who Has the Fastest Hands in HVAC? AHR 2015 Investigates

Jan. 27, 2015
Hilmore staged the "Fastest Hands" competition at AHR 2015. The competition was fierce! So was the trash talk. But it was all in good fun. 

Hilmor was on a quest to find the fastest hands in the HVAC industry at the 2015 AHR Expo. Contestants were required to go through a series of pipe fitting procedures and the contestant that finished the procedures in the lowest time won.

The video below shows the winner of the competition, Michael Ohlander:

We were also able to get an inside look at two of the fastest hands in the Midwest. Dan Hanson, a HVAC engineer for Central Maintenance in Ada, MI. squared off against Bradley Strouse, an account manager for Siemens Mechanical in Grand Rapids, MI.

Who won? We'll let you find out.