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AHR Expo Preview: Victaulic to Exhibit World’s First Grooved Installation-Ready™ Fittings

Dec. 14, 2016
Victaulic Installation-Ready™ fittings feature a coated ductile iron housing and a NSF-approved engineered liner made of polyvinylidene fluoride

Combining the simplicity of the QuickVic™ Style 607 Rigid Coupling with the convenience of a one-piece fitting, Victaulic has created the world’s first grooved Installation-Ready™ fittings. Designed for grooved copper tubing, the fittings integrate Installation-Ready™ couplings into the cast fitting housings at each connection point, resulting in faster and simpler piping system installation and maintenance, while improving safety and efficiency on jobsites. Victaulic will be showcasing these fittings at the 2017 AHR Expo in booth C4324.

Victaulic Installation-Ready™ fittings reduce installation time and enable quick, simple maintenance. Grooved copper tubing and accessories are easily joined to the fitting by simply pushing the tubing or accessory into the fitting outlet and tightening the pre-installed bolts and nuts. Should maintenance or system retrofit become necessary, the fittings can be removed and reinstalled as needed without having to cut into the copper tubing.

The fittings can be installed without heat or flame, and during assembly, no fumes are produced, minimizing any potential risk to personnel and/or property. Installation-Ready™ technology features no loose parts that can be dropped or lost. By integrating three or four separate parts, the fittings reduce hardware needs, as well as jobsite inventory.

“Victaulic Installation-Ready™ couplings have changed how the industry thinks about grooved piping systems since they were introduced in 2005,” said Susan Schierwagen, Victaulic’s director of coupling and suppression systems. “Installation-Ready™ fittings are the next logical step in the evolution of the technology, and they provide our customers absolute confidence of not only faster, easier and safer installation, but also reliable operations.”

Victaulic Installation-Ready™ fittings feature a coated ductile iron housing and a NSF-approved engineered liner made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) that provide optimal performance in domestic water applications. When utilizing a grade "EHP" EPDM gasket, Installation-Ready™ fittings for grooved copper tubing are UL Classified in accordance with ANSI/NSF 61 for cold and hot potable water service and ANSI/NSF 372.

An extension of the grooved copper tubing family, Victaulic Installation-Ready™ fittings are available in a 90 degree elbow (No. 670), 45 degree elbow (No. 671), tee (No. 672), concentric reducer (No. 673) and reducing tee (no. 675). The fittings are designed for use on two to three-inch (50- to 80-millimeter) Types K, L, M and DWV hard drawn copper tubing with ends formed to Victaulic copper tubing grooving dimensions. Pressure ratings range from 100 to 300 psi (700 to 2100 kPa), depending on the type of copper tubing.

For more information about Victaulic Installation-Ready™ fittings for grooved copper tubing and other solutions for domestic water systems, please visit