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HOLY HVACR! 'B.A.T.M.A.N.' to Appear at 2014 AHR Expo!

Jan. 15, 2014
Many products will be on display at the 2014 AHR Expo in New York City. This includes Boilers, Actuators, Thermostats, Manifolds, Analyzers and Networks.

"Does it come in black?"

That was the question Bruce Wayne asked after riding in the "tumbler" — soon to become the Batmobile — in "Batman Begins."

"Does it come in black?" Warner Bros. Pictures

HVACR contractors however, may not be interested in color as much as the many other HVACR product features and benefits they will explore as they roam the aisles at next week's AHR Exposition, at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Since New York City — aka Gotham City — is Batman's hometown, I've isolated a few product categories that will be on display during the show. There's something here for everyone.

Put them all together, they spell . . . well, you get it.

B — Boilers, Bacteria Control, Baseboard Radiation, Bearings, Belts and Blowers.

A — Air Purifiers, Alarms, Air Velocity Regulators, Analyzers, Ammeters and Associations.

T — Tanks, Tape, Testers, Thermistors and Thermostats.

M — Manifolds, Make-up Air, Markers, Manometers and Monitors.

A — Air conditioners, Air Curtains, Air Exchangers and Air Cleaning.

N — Networks, Noise Control and Nozzles.

Pick any letter of  the alphabet (or spell out any other superhero's name), and you'll find hundreds more products that just might come to your rescue. Take your time, get there early, and plan your day. Search by category, rather than taking a hit-or-miss approach on every aisle. Pick up a show guide at the entrance, and you'll be up, up, and away.

The CONTRACTINGBUSINESS.COM AHR Expo preview contains photos and descriptions of some of the products you'll find at the show. Here's the link:

STOP BY THE CB BOOTH — 2302 — We editors have filled every minute of every day with booth visits, but you just might find one or two of us there, soaking our feet.