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    AHR 2022: Preventing Callbacks and Warranty Returns

    Feb. 3, 2022
    Session Recap: Not all callbacks are warranty issues, but they all cost the contractor time and money.

    Judging by the packed meeting room on Feb. 1, callbacks and warranty issues are an enormous problem for HVACR contractors. Bryan Orr, president of Kalos Services and the HVAC School, explained to 2022 AHR Expo attendees that not all callbacks are warranty issues, but they all cost the contractor time and money.

    The common causes of HVACR callbacks are improper setup, miscommunication with the customer, and failing to test the entire system before leaving the jobsite, Orr noted.

    “We have to slow down and listen to the customer’s complaint,” he said. “Show them the service procedures and leave visuals with the customer so they know what you did.”

    Contractors should employ commissioning best practices to ensure that systems are set up and tested properly, as well as set standards for their technicians so the job is done right the first time.

    “Products are not built to last forever, but we need to make sure every part can meet its life expectancy,” Orr said.

    He noted that manufacturers have a role in reducing callbacks by double-checking their manufacturing processes and taking warranty issues seriously by getting consultants involved sooner. They could also allow techs to start the warranty process in the field via mobile app.

    Lastly, manufacturers and distributors should create visual guides (with images) for their products. This gives techs a visual aid when repairing or replacing equipment, and customers will be better educated on the equipment in their homes.