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    Feb. 26, 2024
    And why not, when they have new and innovative products and the industry's biggest US show to display them in? SIGN-IN to view our gallery of AHR people and products.


    WESTPORT, Conn., Jan. 31, 2024 – The AHR Expo (International Air-Conditioning, Heating,
    Refrigerating Exposition) returned to Chicago for a lively week of learning, reconnecting, perusing
    and demoing everything new coming to market in HVACR. Notable topics included all things
    decarbonization - from equipment on the floor to discussions in education programming -
    refrigerant regulation updates, the heat pump resurgence and the unveiling of many new products
    that are shaping the path forward for HVACR.

    “The industry showed up for business in Chicago,” said Show Manager Mark Stevens. “Throughoutthe year we’ve followed discussions regarding regulation rollouts, decarbonization trends andvarious other tracks about the way we conduct business as an industry. It was evident in the halls that the professionals in attendance are primed to create solutions and drive business forward.”

    The AHR EXPO team reported total attendance of 48,034 and 1,875 exhibitors.  

    The show's Podcast Pavilion hosted 20 podcasters covering the latest topics happening across the industry. Podcasts were recorded and will be released by each respective podcaster in the comingweeks. Inside exhibitor booths industry tradesmen, women and influencers hosted events, competitionsand meet-ups, opening exciting channels of content creation and networking opportunities. 

    “The network transformation is resulting in incredible visibility and partnership for professionals,”said Nicole Bush, Director of Marketing. “There is a true line of two-way communication betweenthe professionals in the field and the manufacturers creating products and technology. Having an in-person forum like AHR Expo to strengthen the social relationships formed online is proving to beimmensely beneficial to our industry," Bush said.

    Industry learning and connectionThe 2024 Education Program highlighted topics within the industry with the goal of addressingpain points, opportunities and applications to increase efficiencies, business and relationships.

    The 2024 AHR EXPO featured more than 110 free sessions led by industry experts. 


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