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    Contracting Business/Kelly Faloon
    Contracting Business/Kelly Faloon
    Contracting Business/Kelly Faloon
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    Contracting Business/Kelly FAloon

    This Famous Musician Has Customer Service Tips for HVAC Contractors

    Sept. 10, 2014
    Running a recording studio and being a world-class musician has a lot in common with running a successful contracting firm.

    Musician Robin Crow says "evolve or die."

    He has 11 albums to his name and runs the famed Dark Horse Recording Studio. He is known as a motivational speaker, business leader and guitar virtuoso.

    Crow told more than 1,000 top contractors at Comfortech 2014 in Nashville that while technology is playing a larger part in our businesses, it's still a "people business." He says "exceeding expectations is my competitive weapon" and said if that worked for Jack Welch, it can work for anyone. 

    Crow asked, "Why do people (our customers) do what they do? Because of how we make them feel." 

    Mr. Crow spoke to our Bob Mader. Check out the interview below.

    You can check out Robin Crow's web site here