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    Focus on Training: Victaulic

    July 22, 2019
    Victaulic University@ offers pipe joining and flow control training for contractors, engineers, designers and others. Additional programs include partnerships with The United Association, and comprehensive product training for the entire Victaulic sales team.

    As an industry leader, Victaulic strives to make its continual education courses the best they can be, with the award-winning, Victaulic® University Continuing Education program. 

    Continuing education classes offer a wide variety of accredited courses, certifications, and onsite training options. Sessions which are held globally, from one-hour seminars, full-day events, to web-based virtual classrooms, provide education on key industry concepts and Victaulic solutions. Victaulic University courses are created for contractors, owners, engineers, designers, installers, the inspection community, and anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of Victaulic and the industry surrounding the pipe joining and flow control markets. 

    The United Association (UA) has partnered with the U.S. military to create a program designed to supply veterans with rewarding careers in the pipe trades, the United Association Veterans In Piping Program (VIP). Victaulic is honored to partner with the UA and be involved with the VIP training initiatives. On April 3rd and 4th 2019, Victaulic had the opportunity to teach a class on Grooving And Installation. Veterans were taught pre-grooving pipe inspection steps, the critical dimensions of a groove, and the grooving process including safety, set-up, and selection.

    Victaulic has a standard of excellence in the training of its global sales force. Sales staff must complete sales courses to learn the Victaulic products inside and out, and this process can last up to 16 months. The goal of each class is to bridge the gaps in knowledge, skills, strengthen industry knowledge. Northampton Community College, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is utilized as a training facility for a variety of these classes. Here the learners can apply what they have been taught in the classroom and work with products hands-on. 

    Steve Hirchert, a member of Victaulic’s Seattle metro sales force, had this to say about his success with Victaulic’s products:

    “I was recently invited to the University of Washington Medical Center to provide training for their Union maintenance workers on current best practices for roll grooving. The class went so well that they requested we have a Victaulic representative return for an installation and inspection course. By partnering together, they were able to self-preform a retrofit on hundreds of feet of Sched 10 SS pipe, saving them thousands on sub-contracting and coordination”.

    For more information on the Victaulic University Continuing Education courses or to schedule training, contracting businesses and technicians may contact their local sales representative or send an email request to: [email protected]