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    HVAC Excellence to Offer Hybrid Event in 2022

    April 21, 2021
    Event will offer face‐to face, in‐person training and exhibits, then continued learning online.

    HVAC Excellence reports it is excited to be opening a new chapter in professional development. For those involved in training the current and future HVACR workforce, HVAC Excellence will be offering a hybrid education conference in 2022, providing face‐to face, in‐person training, and exhibits, then continued learning online. Just as instructors have learned to offer blended programs, HVAC Excellence has learned that a hybrid event provides the opportunity to offer more high‐quality training, on multiple platforms, while reaching more people than ever before. 

    The face‐to face portion will be held March 21‐23, 2022, at the South Point Hotel, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The venue provides one of the most easily accessible, and affordable locations, making it easy for all to participate. At the South Point, attendees will meet with industry leaders, and exhibiting companies, that support HVACR education, who can assist them in improving their programs. Once the activities at the South Point conclude, attendees will continue their learning online. This hybrid format will allow instructors to do what they love most, interact with the latest technologies at the South Point, then return home to continue their learning, on a pace that suits their needs. This blended format will allow them to attend more classes than ever before. 

    Those involved in training the workforce (community colleges, private schools, apprenticeship programs, high schools, labor unions, utilities, associations, manufacturers, reentry programs, and wholesalers) often seek practical ways to improve the training they offer while gaining knowledge. The HVAC Excellence Education Conference offers them both. The conference has great presenters, allowing instructors to get reliable information from the source. In addition to all the classes covering changes in technologies, several sessions cover teaching strategies, and how to teach in a blended environment. 

    Learn more and register for the conference, by visiting escogroup.org and clicking the conference link.