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ASHRAE Announces 2021 Handbook Updates

Sept. 1, 2021
Handbook contains supplemental features including online videos, spreadsheets, and case studies.

Updated chapters for the 2021 ASHRAE Handbook—Fundamentals are now available for download from the ASHRAE Technology Portal. To download the updated chapters, log in and select the “ASHRAE Handbook PDF” icon.

The chapters now available in the ASHRAE Technology Portal provide additional changes to the 2021 ASHRAE Handbook—
Fundamentals, which was published in June without the complete, intended revisions to the following chapters: 
  • Ch. 1, Psychrometrics
  • Ch. 2, Thermodynamics
  • Ch. 5, Two-Phase Flow
  • Ch. 6, Mass Transfer
  • Ch. 13, Indoor Environmental Modeling
  • Ch. 14, Climatic Design Information
  • Ch. 16, Ventilation and Infiltration
  • Ch. 17, Residential Cooling and Heating Load Calculations
  • Ch. 18, Nonresidential Cooling and Heating Load Calculations
  • Ch. 19, Energy Estimating and Modeling
  • Ch. 20, Space Air Diffusion
  • Ch. 23, Insulation for Mechanical Systems
  • Ch. 24, Airflow Around Buildings
  • Ch. 31, Physical Properties of Secondary Coolants (Brines)
  • Ch. 34, Energy Resources
  • Ch. 35, Sustainability
  • Ch. 38, Measurement and Instruments

ASHRAE reported members have complimentary access to ASHRAE Handbook Online now through July 31, 2022. The Handbook Online contains the four most recent volumes of the Handbook plus supplemental features including videos, spreadsheets, and case studies. The 2021 Fundamentals volume will be added to the Handbook Online lineup in late September. Learn more and log in here with member credentials for access.