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HVAC Excellence Announces July Online Courses

June 30, 2022
Topics include commercial heat pumps, R-290 and building automation.

June 28, 2022 - The HVAC Excellence National HVACR Education Conference has announced another round of online educational sessions that are based on presentations given during the HVAC Excellence Educators & Trainers Conference held in Las Vegas, March 2022.

The sessions being released this month include:

  • Introduction to Commercial Heat Pump Water Heating
  • Pivot the Curriculum
  • Daikin Presents: Learning styles via “Proper Flaring Technique”
  • Ready, Set, Automate! A STEM Adventure in Building Automation
  • R-290: What’s New, What’s Not
  • Best Practices for Implementing Simulations in the Classroom
  • Every Day is Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Analysis Safety Day.

Sources report this will be the last release of online sessions tied to the 2022 event, and planning has started for the 2023 Conference. 

Listeners are invited to browse the HVACR Learning Network, which is the platform used to watch these conference sessions. An entire section has been provided solely for educators and trainers, with many of the courses available to at no charge.

Getting Logged In

If you attended the live conference, you can click here to log back in.  Once logged in, look for the Online Sessions option and look for July 2022.