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    Unified Group Celebrates 25th Anniversary

    Aug. 17, 2023
    The Unified Group was founded in August 1998 by a core group of quality driven, independent mechanical contractors.
    Unified Group
    Unified Group 25th Logo

    If someone asked where you see yourself in 25 years, would you be able to answer? Maybe you see yourself surrounded by children and grandchildren. Or perhaps you’re enjoying retirement, traveling the world or actively giving back to your community through acts of service.

    Overall, 25 years is a lot of time that should be used in an exceptional way. So, where do you see yourself in 25 years?

    The Unified Group, founded in August 1998 by a core group of quality driven, independent mechanical contractors, is excited to celebrate 25 years in business this year. When the consolidation movement kicked in and posed a threat to the HVAC industry, these contractors joined together to form The Unified Group. The purpose of the group is to provide training and resources to promote the success of quality independent HVAC contractors, raise the standards of excellence in the industry and increase the value provided to customers.

    “The Unified Group, in my opinion, has allowed my own confidence to grow along with my team’s,” said Chris Schaff, President of Air Controls and a member of The Unified Group for 18 years. “I have made some good friends and would totally trust anyone from this group. Joining is the best investment we could have ever made.”

    Through hundreds of professional development opportunities, including conferences for all facets within an organization, member-led webinars, vendor opportunities with rebates and more, The Unified Group has hit them all. If a company wants to truly succeed and grow in a positive direction, The Unified Group is well-known for having each other's backs every step of the way.

    “There are so many accomplished, educated and intelligent individuals in this group,” said Frank Quintanar, Vice President and Service Manager of J&J Air Conditioning, and 16-year member. “This is the best HVAC family in the industry.”

    Family — that’s what The Unified Group is all about. To have a close-knit community of like-minded professionals to reach out to at any time is invaluable. Through sharing personal successes and getting vulnerable with their failures, The Unified Group has experienced it all. Regardless of how busy each member is, if another company needs help, any member will take a phone call, share their resources and do whatever they can to assist.

    “The Unified Group has been a transformative force for me as a leader and for our business as a whole in the growth and success of SUI,” said Brian Martinenza, Vice President of Service Unlimited, Inc. and member for six years. “We would not be on the path we are on without this group. My only regret is that we didn’t join sooner.”

    Whether contractors have been in The Unified Group for one year or 25 years, each member has had a lasting impact. Through the training experiences and the relationships built, The Unified Group is one-of-a-kind and unlike any other association out there. Together, we make the difference.