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Bookshelf: Ken Goodrich & Michael Gerber's 'E-Myth HVAC Contractor' Released

Ken Goodrich and Michael E. Gerber of renowned E-Myth series apply Gerber's process-based methods to heating and air conditioning businesses.

LAS VEGAS, Nev., Oct. 16, 2019 –  Many in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning contracting world have heard of Ken Goodrich and his Goettl company. What many are not aware of, is that Goettl company almost closed its doors. Thankfully, Ken Goodrich found a rescuer, in Michael Gerber, and Gerber's famous book, The E-Myth. Now, Goodrich tells the story of his business rebirth, with help from Michael Gerber, in The E-Myth HVAC Contractor, now available on Amazon.

Goettl Air Conditioning & Plumbing CEO Ken Goodrich launched The E-Myth HVAC Contractor, co-authored with Michael E. Gerber at the largest industry convention of the year, Service World Expo, which recently concluded in Las Vegas.


“In 1988 my business was in a tailspin, headed toward extinction” Goodrich said “A friend gifted me the book, The E-Myth, Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to do About It, by Michael E. Gerber and it changed my life forever. Now 31 years later, I have the honor of co-authoring a book and sharing the stage with the man that saved me.”

In The E-Myth HVAC Contractor, Goodrich shares successful business lessons from managing finances, key drivers for revenue streams, customer service, adapting to change, time management, empowering employees as well as the use of E-Myth protocol with other contractors to demonstrate exactly how to achieve success, one step at a time.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Goodrich’s reputation and expertise in the HVAC industry has led him to the position of CEO of one of the largest providers of residential HVAC and plumbing services in the Southwest United States.

With a demonstrated track record of business turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions and operations management – continually recognized with accolades including being named repeatedly to Inc. 5000’s “Fastest Growing Private Companies” – his book offers advice and lessons for success applicable to all businesses.

Now operating in Arizona, California and Nevada, today Goodrich is focused on developing high-performance leadership teams with an emphasis on growth, process improvement, customer satisfaction and accountability, having acquired, built and successfully monetized 24 businesses throughout his 30-year career.

Gerber,  whose E-Myth series was voted #1 business book by Inc. 500 CEOs, said of his co-author Goodrich, “I’ve consulted hundreds of thousands of small business owners over the past 40-plus years, but I’ve rarely met a business owner as driven as Ken Goodrich who read my E-Myth Revisited book 39 times as he designed, built, launched and grew his $100 million HVAC enterprise, one small system at a time.”

 The E-Myth HVAC Contractor is now available on Amazon HERE

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