• Meier Supply to Host LG VRF Class

    Oct. 2, 2019
    Sources report the 3-day class will provide a high level of training. To be held in Conklin, NY.

    Meier Supply is pleased to announce the LG VRF Installation & Service class, October 22-24. Class will be taught by Chuck Gaylord, aa Meier Supply technical/training specialist who is also an LG trainer and technical advisor.

    In order to better serve its customers, Meier Supply has worked with LG to combine the 2-day Multi V 5 Installation Essentials (MLV 01) course and the 2-day Advanced Service (MLV 03) course into a 3-day class that will provide a high level of training while saving our customers time and money. This is an exclusive Meier Supply LG Training Academy class. The LG VRF Installation & Service class also incorporates lab exercises created by Meier Supply to reinforce the content covered. Participants will receive bound copies of the presentations which include the lab exercise workbook. Upon completion of the 3-day class, participants gain the knowledge to properly install and service LG VRF systems.

    The class will be held at Meier Supply's LG Authorized Training Center, Conklin, NY, 275 Broome Corporate Pkwy, Conklin, NY 13748. 607.797.7700

    Participants will receive a Factory Certification for both MLV01 and MLV03 classes.


    Day 1 (Installation Essentials): Students will learn the manufacture’s guidelines for the correct outdoor and indoor unit positioning, piping, and wiring of the LG VRF equipment. Installation specifications and set-up of the LG accessories and controls will also be covered. Utilizing classroom time and hands-on lab exercises, students will gain knowledge of what needs to be completed before commissioning can take place. During lab activities, students will be introduced to LGMV (LG Monitoring View Software) which is the tool that must be used to evaluate system performance. This session will help to ensure that the LG VRF equipment is correctly installed for long term reliability and performance.     

    Days 2 & 3 (Multi V 5 Advanced Service): Students will learn the relationship between the major components and what part they play in proper system operation with an emphasis on an overview of the electrical and refrigerant circuits. With the use of the LGMV service tool and using traditional service tools, technicians will learn to record and interpret data for making system evaluations. Lab exercises are designed to address the issues commonly found in the field giving the student a guideline for efficiently troubleshooting system problems.

    The hands-on portion of the class will be conducted with tools supplied by JB Industries and Fieldpiece.


    1. Advanced technical knowledge of commercial air conditioning, heat pump, and applied systems.

    2. Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs including Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

    What to Bring to Class:
    1. Laptop PC running Windows XP/NT/2000 or later, with a web browser of Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher with a minimum of Excel and Word installed. Power Point is also preferred. You will need two USB ports for LGMV use.

    2. LGMV service tool (if you have one). This is an optional item. 

    TO ATTEND, download and complete registration form (below) and bring it to a Meier Supply branch near you.

    Maria Vail
    Marketing & Training Program Manager
    275 Broome Corporate Pkwy., Conklin, NY 13748
    Tel: 607.797.7700 / [email protected]